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About Sundeala

Sundeala Factory
Worker Drilling Sundeala Noticeboard

Proudly Manufactured in the UK Since 1898

Sundeala is the UK’s largest notice board manufacturer. Our British made boards are milled in our Gloucestershire factory and hand finished by our expert craftsmen.

Environmentally Friendly At The Core

Sundeala started making notice boards from recycled paper in 1937 and we are proud to sell the only notice board material in the UK that uses 100 % recycled fibres. Environmental sustainability is at the very heart of our business. Click to explore our environmental policies.

Technical Expertise

Whether you need to understand which boards meet the fire regulations for different areas of your building or you want some help understanding how best to configure your classroom for collaborative learning, our technical advisors are the best in the business. You can find more information about our Technical Team here.