Environmentally Friendly At The Core | Sundeala

Environmentally Friendly At The Core

Sundeala started making notice boards from recycled paper in 1937 and we are proud to sell the only notice board material in the UK that uses 100 % recycled fibres. Environmental sustainability is at the very heart of our business. 


Sundeala Ltd was green far before green was fashionable. We made our first eco-friendly fibre board in 1897 and we committed to a natural, environmentally sustainable core product when the rest of the manufacturing industry was just beginning to explore synthetics and plastics. We are proud of our ecological heritage and our boards are manufactured today with the same natural products and commitment to the environment.

Zero Waste Policy

Our manufacturing process uses water from the river Cam to break down cellulose fibres before they are pressed into a high performance pinnable medium fibre board. ‘Waste’ product from trimming and sanding our boards to a perfect finish is returned to the process to turn into new boards. Nothing is wasted and the only bi-product of our manufacturing process is the water that is cleaned and returned to the natural water cycle.


ISO 14001

The ISO 14000 family of standards relate to environmental management and help organisations minimise how their processes and operations negatively affect the environment and help them understand how to continually improve their environmental impact. In our commitment to developing and maintaining an effective environmental management system, Sundeala Ltd works to the ISO 14001 quality standard, continually improving and evolving our environmental processes to ensure that they are as clean, sustainable and ecologically impactless as possible.