For many years notice boards have played an important role in any classroom setup. They’re the ideal solution for communicating information, promoting events and presenting work completed by pupils.

A classroom noticeboard is also an effective learning tool if they’re utilised in an effective way. Firstly you need a long lasting and highly quality notice board material, but also they need to look appealing to pupils and students.

Be decorative

If there’s a bare wall in your classroom then using a large notice board is an ideal way to improve the environment with a decorative masterpiece. You could consider choosing a theme for your notice board that could change throughout the year. Themes such as sports day, festivals and changing of the seasons looking engaging and inspire students.

Display work

Pupils and students will be completing work throughout the year that can form the basis of a notice board display. This could be positioned outside the classroom to show the whole school what your students are doing. You could even involve your students in coming up with an idea for work they would like to put on display and inspire creative ideas.

Be informational

Where your notice board will be used inside a classroom then it could display informative content that could be references to subjects they are currently studying. Informative displays could include maps, study timetables or even things such as a periodic table. A notice board can be a fantastic way for teachers to supplement current lesson plans.

Display popular culture

More than ever nowadays young people are inspired and drawn to “current” themes in pop culture and social media influencers. Your notice boards could be used as a way to firstly grab attention but also resonate with their interests. You could display quotes from popular songs or movies alongside characters or singers that promote positive outlooks. Even sport themes can promote teamwork and a never give up attitude.

Use 3D features

If you’re creative a more creative display on your classroom notice board then you can make the design “pop” and instantly grab attention by using different items that present a 3D effect. If you’re wanting to create a forest or jungle theme you could use pipe cleaners or balloons to make grass and tree branches grow off the board. Also by layering different coloured paper you can make lettering and pictures look 3D from a distance.

Notice boards are available in a variety of materials that offer a range of properties. They’re also available in a range of different colours with features such as lockable doors, attractive borders and simple elements such as dry wipe and magnetic surfaces.