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Sundeala - Circular Manufacturing in Action

Sundeala Circular Manufacturing in Action – Cardiff University Case Study

The mission for Sundeala is to lead the drive towards a clean, green, and more sustainable future. We have been manufacturing in the UK for over a century and, since 1898, have adopted sustainable…

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Ask us about the use of fibre board in healthy buildings in Europe

Healthy Buildings – Just What The Doctor Ordered?

In 1860 Florence Nightingale wrote of the importance of keeping windows open to make for a healthier environment, however these days it is more likely for your Doctor to advise you to “get more…

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Sundeala board is ideal for sharing work in classrooms

Inspiring Classroom Designs

Inspiring teachers are often the reason behind truly extraordinary learning experiences and cherished childhood memories. However, inspiring classrooms and learning spaces can also play a vital role…

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Smog eating buildings have a lot in common with environmentally friendly board for modern Interior display / notice boards

A Breath of Fresh Air – The Rise of “Smog Eating” Buildings

With the majority of Britons living outside major cities, the worries of air pollution do not keep many people awake at night. However, in some cities around the world the rise in air pollution…

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cost effective fire retardent boards for display purposes in student buildings

Student Accommodation Insights

Despite the fact that the average student debt is in excess of £50k, it is clear that students still see the value in higher education and the majority still choose their university experience based…

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Sustainable and fully environmentally friendly Interior display and notice boards

Fire & Pin Board Materials – Performance, Classification & Compliance

When specifying products, many types of materials means many types of considerations. Nonetheless, the one key consideration that tends to be high on the list time and again is Fire.

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