Sundeala - Circular Manufacturing in Action

Sundeala Circular Manufacturing in Action

Cardiff University Case Study

The mission for Sundeala is to lead the drive towards a clean, green, and more sustainable future. We have been manufacturing in the UK for over a century and, since 1898, have adopted sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturing processes. Our Sundeala board, commonly used for notice boards, whiteboard cores, display stands is fully circular. This means it has been made from recycled fibres which can then be fully recycled after use.

As part of our ethos to be a circular manufacturer our Sundeala team offer a service to collect your Sundeala boards when they have reached the end of their current life. The boards are then completely recycled, re-pulped, and then used to make new boards in our sustainable board manufacturing process.

We collected around 600+ Sundeala Boards from the Welsh School of Architecture at Cardiff University after they were used to as display screens for their annual degree exhibition.

Dan Tilbury, Workshop Manager, has said “Every year until 2020, our exam process required our undergraduate and masters students to present their printed work physically on a free standing, double sided exhibition screen with 3D models attached or on plinths in front. Most of this work would remain on the screens for our annual degree show/exhibition which would continue throughout summer”.

From 2011 these display boards have been used numerous times as part of a sustainable drive forward to combat wasteful processes. After partaking in some research, Sundeala has found that although other boards on the market are described to be eco-friendly, many can’t be fully recycled after use or use virgin plastic fibres to make up. You can see in the diagram below our circular process for Sundeala boards.

Our_Process_Header_Mobile_800px-copy 1

(Continued) “In 2011, We took on the task of changing what had been a rather wasteful process into one which was sustainable. Over time, the changes made saved much money and an embarrassing amount of waste. Key to this improvement was my discovery of Sundeala pin-boards. Made from recycled newspaper, this is about the most sustainable material I have ever come across. This, and its durability made it the perfect material for our needs”. (December, 2020)

Dan got in touch with our team to arrange a collection for these boards, so we collected them and brought them back to our factory in Gloucestershire. They are ready to be recycled, pulped, and made back into brand new Sundeala products and we are proud to give them a second life and continue our tradition of circular manufacturing!

Sundeala - Circular Manufacturing in Action

We love to see the circular manufacturing process in action, if you have any boards that have come to the end of their use, get in touch with our expert team today and we can help you combat wasteful processes and recycle your old Sundeala boards.

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