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Product Information

Classically encompassed in our silver, satin finish aluminium frame, the Sundeala HPL Whiteboard combines the brilliant performance and durability of the Sundeala core with a high pressure laminate writing surface. The HPL Whiteboard is non-magnetic and has a dry wipe surface that is easy to clean and carries an 8 year warranty. This product is also excellent for resisting against ink stains, heat and scratches. The high pressure laminate surface is applied to both sides for use as a double sided board for extended life and resourcefulness. Durable and versatile, bespoke designs and branding can also be applied with a laminated vinyl overlay if required, a great way of implementing logos, graph layouts or other unique designs.

This product is a great alternative to our VES (Vitreous Enamelled Steel) Whiteboard option if you’re looking for a non-magnetic surface or a budget friendly substitute. As standard this product comes with our sleek aluminium profile with other options available upon request, please visit our frames and edges page for further details. Standard size options start at 600 x 450mm up to 2400 x 1200mm, with bespoke sizes also as an option.

Frames and Edges

Aluminium Frame

Wood Frame

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The whiteboard / dry-wipe board / dry-erase board shall be Sundeala HPL Whiteboard with writing surfaces to both faces and a 5-year warranty. The writing surfaces shall be high pressure laminate manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 438. The core shall be Sundeala Board, 100% recyclable, recycled and naturally biodegradable with a VOC rate of 254 μg·m2·hr and manufactured in the UK under a management system certified to ISO 14001 by Sundeala Limited in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 622-3. The reverse surface shall be aluminium sheet. To be installed in accordance with the instructions issued by Sundeala Limited.

Manufacturer: Sundeala Ltd, Middle Mill, Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 5LQ, UK

01453 540900



Product:  whiteboard / dry-wipe board / dry-erase board

Dimension:  [900 x 600 mm] [1200 x 600 mm] [1200 x 900 mm] [1200 x 1200 mm] [1500 x 1200 mm] [1800 x 1200 mm] [2100 x 1200 mm] [ 2400 x 1200 mm]

[bespoke ≤ 2400 x 1200 mm – please specify]

Edge finish: [aluminium frame – silver classic] [aluminium frame – silver flat] [aluminium frame – white classic] [aluminium frame – oak-effect wrap]

[wood frame – beech] [wood frame – light grain ash] [wood frame – luxury grain ash]

  •  Bespoke Size Options Available
  • 8 year surface warranty
  • HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Surface
  •  School Safe – Rounded Safety Corners with Cover Caps to Conceal Fixings
  •  No added VOCs or solvent binding agents
  • Non-Magnetic and Dry Wipe for Easy Clean