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Product Information

Our Sundeala Securi Board is a sturdy lockable notice board with tamperproof safety glass and a sleek aluminium frame. Available with a lock and key profile to keep your displays safe from vandalism, dust and dirt, and the internal elements. This lockable notice board can be manufactured with any materials from our fabric range including hook and loop friendly Loop Nylon or our fire rated fabric options to make them safe for fire exits and other high risk areas. We offer a variety of standard sizes from 600 x 900mm up to 2400 x 1200mm with bespoke options available upon request to suit your requirements. Please note that all sizes above 1800 x 1200mm will have a double door design.

The strong aluminium profile is completed with a standard barrel lock mechanism to keep it secure, this means you can lock your displays away worry free. Our fire rated fabric range complies with the European Harmonised Standards BS EN 113501-1:2007+A1:2009 and fully meet the criteria for Class B and our Sundeala FR Board core adheres to BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 Class B. This product is for internal use only.

Fabric Finishes

Sundeala Core

B Brown Expo Felt

B Brown Trilogy

Camira Cara

Camira Lucia

Macflex Mac 23


Frames and Edges

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Sundeala Securi Board Specification


The tamperproof notice board / pin board / display board shall be Sundeala FR SecuriBoard with a 2-year warranty. The door cover shall be shatterproof PET, Class 1Y (BS 476-7) and 100% recyclable with light transmission >86% (DIN 5036), barrel locks and door alignment supports to prevent sag. The pinnable core shall be Sundeala FR Board, Class B-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1), 100% recyclable, recycled, naturally biodegradable with a VOC rate of 254 μg·m2·hr and manufactured in the UK under a management system certified to ISO 14001 by Sundeala Limited in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 622-3; To be installed in accordance with the instructions issued by them.

Manufacturer:  Sundeala Ltd, Middle Mill, Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 5LQ, UK

01453 540900

Product: notice board / pin board

Dimension:  [900 x 600 mm] [1200 x 600 mm] [1200 x 900 mm] [1200 x 1200 mm] [1500 x 1200 mm] [1800 x 1200 mm] [2100 x 1200 mm] [ 2400 x 1200 mm]

[bespoke ≤ 2400 x 1200 mm – please specify]

Fabric: [No fabric – FR Board] [bbrown Expo Felt – felt] [bbrown Trilogy – reversible stitch bond] [Camira Cara – plain weave hessian style] [ Camira Lucia – crepe weave] [Macflex Mac 23 – stitch bond] [Macflex 1/1.5 – velcro-friendly loop nylon]

Board / fabric colour:  [select from options above]

Edge finish:  [aluminium frame – silver classic] [aluminium frame – silver flat] [aluminium frame – white classic] [aluminium frame – oak-effect wrap]

[wood frame – beech] [wood frame – light grain ash] [wood frame – luxury grain ash]

  •  Sturdy Aluminium Lockable Profile
  • Tamperproof and Shatterproof Safety Glass
  • Barrel Lock Key Mechanism
  • Environmentally friendly
  •  Choose From Any Sundeala Core or Fabric
  •  Bespoke sizes available
  •  Wall Mounted Product with Fixing kit included