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VES Whiteboards

Product Information

The Sundeala Vitreous Enamelled Steel (VES) Whiteboard combines a superior performance Sundeala core with vitreous enamelled steel writing surface in white for dual purpose use as dry-wipe and magnetic presentation board. This product is hard wearing and high quality with an amazing 25 year surface warranty. A highly popular solution for office spaces, the education sector, and hospitals, the smooth hard-wearing durable surface provides good writability, readability and erase ability throughout its serviceable life. Suitable for use with dry-erase, semi-permanent, water-soluble or permanent marker, the surface facilitates sharp, clear and distinct marker lines to provide maximum colour contrast for optimal eye comfort and visibility.

The materials of the board are created with e3 environmentally sourced Vitreous Enamelled Steel which makes this product 99% recyclable. This product is low in versatile organic compounds and the porcelain steel is fire, scratch, stain, bacteria and chemical resistant. Available in different finishes; low-gloss and ultra-gross. The ultra-gloss finish is available in a variety of surface designs including plain, or a music ruled graphic, with a dry wipe surface. The low-gloss version is ideal for short throw projection purposes and is resistant to spotting. Standard sizes start at 900 x 600mm and stretch to 3600 x 1200mm.

Frames and Edges

Aluminium Frame

Wood Frame

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The whiteboard / dry-wipe board / dry-erase board shall be Sundeala VES Whiteboard with a 25-year warranty. The writing surface shall be incombustible, VOC-free magnetic vitreous enamel steel with: surface hardness ≥ 5 (EN 101); scratch resistance ≥ 7 (ISO 15695); wear resistance ≤ 0.1 g (ASTM C 501); and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 14864 / ISO 287762. The core shall be Sundeala Board, 100% recyclable, recycled and naturally biodegradable with a VOC rate of 254 μg·m2·hr and manufactured in the UK under a management system certified to ISO 14001 by Sundeala Limited in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 622-3. The reverse surface shall be aluminium sheet. To be installed in accordance with the instructions issued by Sundeala Limited.

Manufacturer:                  Sundeala Ltd, Middle Mill, Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 5LQ, UK

01453 540900

Product:                           whiteboard / dry-wipe board / dry-erase board

Dimension:             [900 x 600 mm] [1200 x 600 mm] [1200 x 900 mm] [1200 x 1200 mm] [1500 x 1200 mm] [1800 x 1200 mm] [2100 x 1200 mm] [ 2400 x 1200 mm]

[bespoke ≤ 2400 x 1200 mm – please specify]

Edge finish:            [aluminium frame – silver classic] [aluminium frame – silver flat] [aluminium frame – white classic] [aluminium frame – oak-effect wrap]

[wood frame – beech] [wood frame – light grain ash] [wood frame – luxury grain ash]

Gloss finish:            [low-gloss writing surface] [ultra-gloss writing surface]

  •  Bespoke Size Options Available
  • 25 year surface warranty
  • Made with e3 environmentally sourced VES
  •  School Safe – Rounded Safety Corners with Cover Caps to Conceal Fixings
  •  Magnetic surface available in 2 finishes; low-gloss, ultra-gloss
  • Scratch, stain and chemical resistant