Proudly Manufactured in the UK Since 1898 | Sundeala

Proudly Manufactured in the UK Since 1898

Established in Sunbury on Thames in 1898, Sundeala has a long and successful history at the forefront of the ecological manufacturing industry.


Sundeala is the largest UK manufacturer of display and presentation materials and is the only European manufacturer of a 100% recycled, 100% recycled fibre board. Originally made entirely from waste newsprint, Sundeala Board continues to be manufactured from recycled cellulose fibres. From recycled coffee cups and egg boxes to newsprint and teabag fabric, we take waste products that would otherwise end up in landfill and turn them into high performance, eco-friendly display products with outstanding design flexibility and unparalleled life cycle value.

The Sundeala Process 

Each and every one of our boards is manufactured in our Gloucestershire paper mill and has been made the same way for over 100 years. We take water from the river Cam and mix it with cellulose fibres and natural mineral pigments before pressing and drying into a robust fibre board, perfect for pinning into.



Framing and Finishing

Our top of the line notice boards have been carefully engineered to ensure that our customers get the very best possible display or writing surface for their needs. Our expert craftsmen finish each and every board by hand in our special products department in Cam or our factory in Skipton, Yorkshire, whether the order is for five thousand boards or five.