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Sundeala For Specifiers

Product Specifications

If you are looking for the perfect product to enhance the effectiveness of your learning or working environment, look no further. Our product specifications make it easy for you to put the perfect product into your building or environment. For detailed product information, downloads and ‘copy/paste’ product specs for your building specification, click to explore.

Download Library

At Sundeala we understand that specifiers are busy people. We make sure the information you need is only a click away. From fire certificates and fabric swatches to CAD drawings and BIM files for your building plans, click to explore our specifier resources.

Insight and Inspiration

We are passionate about inspiring, ecologically sustainable, pedagogically sound space design. We are constantly researching and working with experts to develop innovative new products and we love to share what we learn on the way. Click to explore our knowledge base.

Understanding Fire Regulations

Read our comprehensive guide to specifying fire safe notice boards in school buildings.

Technical Advice

It’s not always easy to know what products will create the most effective space. Our expert technical advisors are happy to review your floor plans or pop out to visit your site to make sure you specify the perfect product.


Our BIM objects are certified NBS compliant and are available in the National BIM Library or can be downloaded from our product pages or download library in IFC and RFA file formats.

Sundeala FR Board

Sundeala Fr Board is the only UK manufactured pin board to meet building regulations for use in circulation areas and protected fire escape routes as laid out in Approved Document B2 and the BB100.

Fire Safety PDF

Read our comprehensive guide to specifying fire safe notice boards in school buildings.

Urban Jungles: The Importance of Green Buildings

With the growing number of people living in cities around the world, there has been an increasing effort to make these heavily populated areas more environmentally friendly.