The Sundeala Story.

Our story as started by our founder Daniel M Sutherland in 1898, is focused on creating sustainable Fibreboard solutions whilst simultaneously reducing construction waste and the industry reliance on harmful chemicals.

The journey begins.


Sundeala begins it's journey as the PIM board company Ltd, where they being to manufacture the world's first Fibreboard. The board was made from discarded softwood and fabric scraps, highlighting the company's desire to manufacture sustainably even before the term is coined.

1898 1
1900s 2
The royal connection.


Sundeala's Royal connection is started with the construction of the 1902 State Landau, built by Messers Hooper for King Edward VII. This carriage was used by the King during his coronation procession, Sundeala Fibreboard was used as interior lining for the carriage.

New industry standards.


The introduction of cheap, insubstantial wood fibreboard leads to a collaboration between Sundeala and the British government to create the first British Safety Standards for Fibreboard. This Classification is designed to address the growing safety issues rife within the construction industry.

1950s 3
1980s 4
Fire Safety.


The Buildings Act 1984 sees the introduction of fire safety into National Building regulations. Sundeala innovates and creates a higher class of Fibreboard known as FR, this Class O Fire rated board is suitable for use in areas deemed to be fire critical.

The merger.


Sundeala purchased TeacherBoards 1985 Ltd in 2015, merging to become the UK's largest manufacturer of presentation and display products. With TeacherBoards continuing to supply best in class display solutions, Sundeala looked to return to it’s roots, expanding the Fibreboard technologies back into construction materials, specialist protective flooring and packaging for precious alloys.

2010s 5

The Sundeala of Today.

Building on the extensive experience, research and development throughout the last century, Sundeala begins extensive trials on new innovations to support the demand of sustainability and forward thinking.

B3 Board

A Fibreboard recognised by UK Research and Innovation as 'game-changing', in aiding the large scale reduction of construction waste and reliance on harmful formaldehydes and other chemicals.

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A Fibreboard with unique thermal properties whilst also retaining a fully circular status, Eco-Soft is the newest Sundeala solution to support the next generation of sustainability standards.

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B3 Board

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