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Notice Board Materials & Fire Safety – Exposing the Risks

We live, learn and work in a world that is becoming more and more digitised by the second, yet the classic pinnable notice board continues to uphold its position as the visual communications medium of choice for schools, hospitals and offices across the UK.

Some may consider the humble notice board to be an insignificant component of a building’s interior. However, as an internal wall lining that often covers large surface areas in classrooms, corridors and circulation spaces, its capacity for propagating fire makes it eligible for greater consideration at the design and specification stages.

This article explores the misinformation surrounding different noticeboard materials, regulatory compliance and the potential perils of unambiguous specifications whilst looking at what architects, designers and specifiers can do to help mitigate the risk to life and property in case of fire.

Sundeala Joanne Mulloy for Barbour

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